COP15 | Belgian statement

Dear Executive Secretary CBD Mrs Mrema Elisabeth, 

Dear CBD presidency China, 

Dear hosting country Canada, 


Ladies and gentlemen,


Every day we are increasingly facing the devastating impacts of biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution and ecosystem disruption. These global interlinked crises require joint solutions. Halting and reversing biodiversity loss is ultimately inevitable for the achievement of the SDGs within the next 7 years.

As member of the European Union, Belgium fully engages in the negotiations for an ambitious and transformative biodiversity agreement. As a Blue Leader and as proud member of the High Ambition Coalition for nature and people and the Global Ocean Alliance, BE strongly supports the 30 by 30 objective to protect 30% of the land and 30% of the ocean. 

If we truly want to achieve our 2050 vision of living in harmony with nature we also have to ensure the sustainable management of the other 70% of our beautiful blue planet. 

Every square meter counts. In our country we need to take up responsibility as well. 

In order to achieve this, Belgium strongly believes in the necessity of mainstreaming biodiversity within and across all policies and sectors and we will break down silo’s to build Belgium’s national biodiversity strategy. 

Mainstreaming is also crucial with regard to financing if we want to bridge the 700 billion dollars nature restoration gap. After all, 500 billion dollars can already be addressed by reorientating harmful subsidies. The remaining gap of 200 billion dollars needs to come from all kind financial resources. There is also a key role for multilateral development banks and the private sector. Belgium is ready to support its partners around the world in achieving this ambition together. 

For example, during the last replenishment cycle of the Global Environment Facility, we significantly increased our contribution from 60 to 92.5 million euros. And we will also continue to support countries through multilateral and bilateral cooperation, such as the support to BIOFIN.

Belgium is reaching out to all of you to become true partners to bridge the giant gap to live in harmony with nature. As the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Gutteres, asks us: “we must conclude a peace treaty with nature.” We only have One world, One health, so let's preserve it together!

I thank you all.