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Belgium adopts an ambitious federal plan for sustainable development

Despite being a legal obligation under the law of May 5th 1997, the previous federal plan dates back to the period 2004-2008. It was led by Secretary of State Olivier Deleuze. Ever since, no new plan had been approved by the federal government. "I am delighted to see that this situation has finally been rectified. It is crucial that we, at our own level, can accelerate the implementation of sustainable solutions to the major challenges facing the world," said the Minister.…
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Federal policy guided by the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals will serve as a compass for federal policy. At the proposal of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Minister of Sustainable Development Zakia Khattabi, the Council of Ministers has agreed that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be included in all general policy notes. Thanks to their systemic approach, the SDGs provide an excellent framework to develop more sustainable, integrated and coherent policies and…
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Urgency biodiversity: raising collective awareness

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On the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity on May 22, Minister of the Environment, Zakia Khattabi, recalls that the protection and restoration of biodiversity is a key priority in order to in order to safeguard life on earth The current crisis has clearly exposed the interconnectedness between human health and the health of our planet, yet public awareness of biodiversity challenges fails to reach the mainstream and our collective…

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