Press Release



On 19 December 2022, the international community reached an agreement in Montreal on a global framework for the protection of biodiversity. For federal environment minister and head of delegation for Belgium at COP15, Zakia Khattabi, Montreal was to be for biodiversity what Paris was for climate: the beginning of ambitious and coordinated cooperation for biodiversity protection and restoration. "Last night's agreement lives up to that expectation. The 30*30 target was adopted and now establishes the framework to protect our biodiversity at the international level. This changes the playing field.," explains Minister Khattabi. 

Among other things, the 196 countries commit to jointly protect 30 per cent of the land and 30 per cent of the oceans by 2030 and tackle pollution together, including in the area of pesticides. Countries should integrate biodiversity into all sectors and policies and align financial flows with the new biodiversity framework. The agreement also recognizes the link between the climate and biodiversity crises, and how to address them simultaneously. 

" In addition to ambition, the agreement also includes the necessary elements on financing, monitoring and support for monitoring and implementation of commitments made.," federal environment minister Khattabi continues.

"It was a challenging context. But everyone realized that we cannot cut off the branch we're on. After all, this agreement has to do with the survival of mankind. A necessary balance has been reached and we must build on that from now on.," added federal environment minister Khattabi.

It is now up to countries to translate the agreements reached into their national biodiversity plans. At COP16 in 2024, the international community will meet again to take stock of the situation and take additional actions where necessary.