Press Release

PR | Zakia Khattabi announces €3.25 million to help developing countries deliver on their climate commitments.

During the COP27 in Charm el-Cheikh, federal Climate Minister Zakia Khattabi announced funding for two international co-operation programs aimed at helping developing countries meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement; 2 million euros will go to NDC Partnership and 1.25 million euros to the UNDP Climate Promise project. This is the second phase of a partnership that began last year.


"In committing to the Paris Agreement, participating countries committed to setting their climate targets, developing national plans and reporting regularly on their emissions reductions. While the climate crisis has serious repercussions, some partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation are struggling to live up to their commitments. Through this financial assistance, we are ensuring they receive the support they need." explains Zakia Khattabi. 


The NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions) partnership has over 200 members, including industrialized countries, developing countries and many institutions. This Partnership functions as a platform where the diversity of its membership allows it to provide "tailor-made" support to countries in need. The Partnership is primarily intended to develop nationally determined contributions to the Paris Agreement.


Climate Promise, a UN Development Programme initiative, focuses on supporting countries' capacities to measure and report on the impact of their policies according to agreed rules. This makes progress visible and provides a reliable global status report. 

ZK: “Transparency is essential if we want to ensure trust between the parties and obtain a good vision of the world situation. At the federal level, I established the framework for the governance of climate policy. At the international level, we help countries to develop an appropriate framework, depending on the national institutional context, and to monitor it regularly. Through cooperation with my colleague Frank Vandenbroucke, we are ensuring that this support reaches primarily the Belgian Development Cooperation partner countries. “