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PR | Zakia Khattabi in Copenhagen in preparation of an ambitious COP28

On Monday, an international ministerial conference on climate change will be held in Copenhagen. The first conference since COP27, that took place last November at Sharm al-Sheikh, will be hosted for two days by the current and incoming Presidencies of the Conference of the Parties on Climate, namely Egypt and United Arab Emirates. Organized to assess COP27, the Belgian Federal Minister for Climate and Chief of Delegation, Zakia Khattabi, will attend both days of work with the firm intention of moving forward COP28's ambition, which will open in late November in Dubai.

international ministerial conference in CopenhagenInternational ministerial conference in Copenhagen

"COP27, in which great hopes were placed, have resulted to commitments that were largely insufficient given the urgency we face, especially in relation to mitigation" declared Zakia Khattabi.

Is this timing coincidental? The report of the 6th round of the IPCC assessment was made public this morning.

This comes as no surprise to the minister: "Our house is on fire! We know this decade will be crucial for limiting global warming to less than 1.5 degrees. If not, the sustainability conditions of the planet would no longer be guaranteed for present and future generations. Recent reports indicate that we are on our way to a warming of 2.5 degrees which is a disaster for humanity, and particularly for the most vulnerable countries and communities. There is still time for action, but action must be ambitious and immediate,' she continued.

Discussions will be held in four working groups on mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage, and financing. The Minister will serve as moderator for this first panel. These discussions will be followed by a plenary session on the Global Situation Report (GST), a mechanism to evaluate collective progress towards the goals.