Study ULB | “Just Transition” Visions: An Analysis of the Perception of the Belgian Actors

There are four perspectives on a just transition in Belgium. This is demonstrated by the results of a study carried out by the ULB under the supervision of Professor Marek Hudon, also co-chair of the High Committee for a Just Transition. The High Committee on Just Transition is an initiative initiated by Minister Zakia Khattabi where several experts have been nominated to formulate policy recommendations on how to organize and institutionalize a just transition in Belgium. This study analyzes the various points of view on the just transition in Belgium and was built upon the contributions of many representatives of civil society organizations(NGOs, consultative councils, trade unions, business associations, etc.), governments, political authorities, civil society movements and researchers.

The following insights came out of the research:

1/ Holistic

A number of interviewees emphasized the interdependence of social and environmental issues. They highlight the importance of access to fundamental rights and the reduction of existing inequalities. 

2/ Worker-centered.

Relevant respondents point to the importance of labour issues and argue that a just transition should focus primarily on the rights and working conditions of workers in various sectors. 

3/ Social-ecological

Respondents highlight among other things the importance of government action to ensure a just transition through taxation, investment and social security. 

4/ Equal playing field principle

The fourth vision is described as "business-oriented and practical". Respondents believe that a just transition should include a "level playing field" for companies and underline the importance of security in the supply of energy and materials.

These different perspectives will undoubtedly be thoroughly addressed at the roundtables for a just transition, which Minister Zakia Khattabi has organized and will be held at the Flagey building in Brussels on March 14 and 28..

The study : “Just Transition” Visions: An Analysis of the Perception of the Belgian Actors