Press Release

PR | Zakia Khattabi provides the federal government with a climate adaptation policy

On Friday, 3 March 2023, the Council of Ministers took note of the final version of the federal adaptation measures 2023-2026 proposed by Federal Minister for Climate Zakia Khattabi. A coherent package of 28 measures that aims at a climate resilient society by 2050.

In February 2021, the European Commission announced a new European strategy for adaptation to climate change. To this end, a strengthening of national adaptation plans was called for, as well as the establishment of a follow-up to their implementation, in order to ensure that the objectives are effectively met. 

A public consultation was launched at the end of June on a preliminary draft of federal adaptation measures. This resulted in the final version which the Vivaldi government took note of on Friday. 

"Beyond the actions we are taking to reduce emissions, it is essential to adapt as much as possible to the effects of climate change, which are already present, and to develop policies accordingly. These measures are part of the ambition to create a resilient society and reduce the vulnerability of human and natural systems. Adaptation measures aim to concretely reduce the disastrous consequences of climate change and to take advantage of the opportunities", says Zakia Khattabi. 

The measures are divided into eight areas of action: research, biodiversity, infrastructure, natural resources, health, risk and crisis management, international cooperation and awareness raising. They will be implemented during the period 2023-2026 and will be evaluated twice: at the end of 2024 (mid-term evaluation) and at the end of 2026 (final evaluation).