Press Release

PR | Vivaldi adopts Zakia Khattabi's federal climate law

On this memorial day, two years after the dramatic flooding in our country due to extreme weather, the federal government approved Zakia Khattabi's law proposal that legally anchors the organization, expert advice for and financing of the federal climate policy. The text institutionalizes the new climate governance system. The text establishes a committee of independent experts to ensure its proper implementation and guarantees the more targeted and transparent use of the millions in revenue from the auctioning of emission allowances.

The climate urgency not only requires ambitious climate goals. According to climate minister Zakia Khattabi, better organization of climate policy is also needed : "With 39 roadmaps and ten priority areas for action (taxation and finance, energy, transport and mobility, etc.), the federal climate policy steering mechanism I initiated on 2 April 2021 will support the full implementation of our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. I am delighted to see it now enshrined in law! A committee of independent experts will be created so that the effectiveness of the federal climate policy can be assessed on an ongoing basis, regardless of changes to government."

With this law, the federal government unhesitatingly endorses the European climate ambition. “Countries with a strong climate policy usually also have a climate law. I am glad that the federal government is now joining that club of pioneers. But of course the core remains: every minister is a climate minister and must reduce pollution on a daily basis and make us resilient to the consequences of climate change.” 

In addition, the law regulates the transparent communication of the progress of the federal climate policy.  The permanent involvement of civil society is now guaranteed.

Finally, a mechanism is introduced to ensure that an equal amount to the federal share of the proceeds from the auctioning of emission allowances is spent on federal climate policies and measures. “This law makes the financing of federal climate policy more effective. At the same time, we ensure that the various federal departments and government services can use the income from emission rights for their climate policy." says the minister.